Solvay Business School
Solvay Business School
Master Ingénieur de Gestion
21, avenue F.D. Roosevelt
1050 Bruxelles

5 anciens élèves

Solvay Business School, Bruxelles : 2008 : 5 anciens élèves

Master Ingénieur de Gestion

Gwenaël Caesens
Finance Manager - Global Supply Chain & Logistics, Zoetis
Master Business Engineering
Magna cum laude
Laura Ciliberto
Young graduate
Master degree
Skill acquired: Analysis skills, Time and stress management, priority setting, improvement of the team spirit, methodology of work, being critical and build my own judgment. Subject covered: Marketing, Finance, Accounting, green management,... a wide range of classes Extra CV activities: 13 years of flute in a musical academy, 10 years of music theory; tennis and running.
Amandine Plets
Ubik Ingénierie, Lille, développeur de talents Java EE
Damien Rommens
Manager RH, Syndicat des locataires
Assistant Tarde Marketing - Foodservice, Danone Belgium