Joris Claeys

Joris Claeys

Change Cultivator | Think, act & lead WITHOUT the box! 5P's of thrivability

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Currently employed at eco.AHCIL, ARTconnectsLIFE,, ViVaTicA, ecoNVERGE, PORT[expertise], CAPix-Asia



Studying at Knowledge Evolution

Previous: Econologics, BKR/IVECO



    Change Cultivator - Capacity Builder | promoting 5P's of sustainable thrivability | Econologics Coaching OD-WST-AI-TEAL – @knowledgEnabler - @econologics | @ARTconnectsLIFE - @ARTpreneurs | Think, act and lead WITHOUT the box! Change Cultivator at macro & micro level - gone glocal - facilitating transformational change through the Transition Narrative towards Society3.0 INCISIVE Knowledge Converged! Think, lead & act WITHOUT the box! Promoting 5P's of sustainable thrivability! PEOPLE – PLANET – PROFIT – PURPOSE – PASSION Portfolio • Intrapreneurs coaching & branding/strategy for corporations (CAPix) • Entrepreneurs & incubation coaching for the creativity sector (ecoNOVATE) • Project development, idea-tank, design & architecture (ViVaTicA) • Port, marina & waterfront infrastructure development (PORTexpertise) • Arts, design, creativity & gastronomy (ARTconnectsLIFE) • Organic growth & protection for the agri & permaculture sectors (eco.AHCIL) Joris is at the forefront of change facilitation, driven by his passion for meaningful life innovations, new socio-economic models and agile TEAL approach for organizations and teams. He is a change facilitator in the areas of resilience building, thrivability & econologics coaching, inspired by an econological lattice model & germane progressive economics, realizing incisive knowledge convergence through transformational changes in social values, resource needs & technological advancements, in which people, their capacities & human values matter and are central to the approach. His learning & contribution curve are of continuous growth. This experience and adaptability are his strengths. Colleagues, partners & business relations phrase his skills as “Capacity Builder”. With his extensive experience in Project Management LifeCycle Organization, from Change Management to Change Facilitation, combined with Appreciative Inquiry, Whole Systems Transformation and Agile TEAL Organizational Development, Joris received international recognition as Change Agent and “Change Cultivator”. Strengthening, connecting, mobilizing and inspiring people, resources and tools to enhance leadership, innovation and community values for a sustainable balance in our social & economic life, using TEAL approach and AGILE OPEN networking & coaching. INSPIRE people in HARMONY with the planet for BALANCED progress towards building communities that THRIVE! Imagine what could be, to be the future! Thrivability is a journey, not a destination! Co-realize the talk – walking the talk – living the walk – dancing the path Join the dialogue at our CoP/Think-Tanks - participate your change! @econologics & @ARTpreneurs or follow us on twitter @knowledgEnabler @ARTconnectsLIFE @ARTpreneurs Engagements: Multi-component project collaboration, business development, TEAL coaching, community/team capacity building, speaking engagements, training facilitation, interim management assignments and direct engagements for your Extended ValueChain organization. For professional networking with Joris Claeys, find me @ LI: Vi: Xi: Nz: Ef: iCEO: Ev: Follow-through on my blogs @ WP: Bl: Tr: Si: Ss: Pz: Portfolio overview @ RM: ME: AL: Social Media presence & business networking @ FB: G+: IG: Pi:


Lead Marketing

At eco.AHCIL

From September 2016 to Present
eco.AHCIL – healthy vegetables, fruits & grains organic growth & protection for environmental-friendly farming, permaculture & large crops Econological products to market – global reach Bio-bacterial plant feed & soil conditioners Marketing and distribution globally of AHCIL environmental...
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Lead entrepreneurship, curation & event management

At ARTconnectsLIFE

From September 2014 to Present
ARTconnectsLIFE – art connects people, creativity connects life @ARTpreneurs – weaving arts & creativity CebuARTSdistrict – creativity, design & passion inspired taste.CEBU – experience island flavors - arts & creatives lifestyle festival ARTronomy – art & gastronomy touring, more than the...
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Founding Partner & Lead Engagement, Incubator & Partnerships


From February 2014 to Present
ecoNOVATE – community driven innovation Incubator creativity platform for SMEs, start-ups & communities, designed for entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs in the creative, culture & tourism sectors Making communities & business human again! Inspire people, in harmony with the planet for balanced...
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Chief Engagement Officer


From December 2011 to Present
ecoNVERGE – inspire ● balance ● harmony Inspire one - 1x = X1 - motivate many! We are unlimited! | Interactive Community & Econological Lattice (TEAL circles) platform | INCISIVE Knowledge Converged – Econologically Inspired, Sustainable Disseminated! Glocal reach – global-2-glocal motion Thriving...
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Team Leader

At ViVaTicA

From November 2011 to Present
ViVaTicA – ideas for life! soul of life! Live your Dream! Don't dream your Life! Econological Balanced Lifestyle – Cultural, Community & Natural Values Balanced harmony between work, education and leisure! IdeaTank, Project Development Initiatives & PM Lifecycle organization for smart cities &...
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Managing director

At CAPix-Asia

From September 2011 to Present
CAPix – expanding horizon Think, lead & act without the box! Moving Knowledge & Solutions Forward! Facilitate Dynamics – Productivity Motivated – Cultivate Ingenuity – Engage Capacity Enable Econological Lattice Circles (TEAL) – Holistic Agile Work Environments (OD) Econologics & thrivability...
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Principal consultant

At PORT[expertise]

From March 2011 to Present
PORT[expertise] Port, marina & waterfront infrastructure development Design - Procure - Optimize - Monitor addressing harmony between land & sea Knowledge Convergence in Collaborative SCM, Extended Enterprise Econological ValueChain & Total Intelligent Transportation solutions & services Managing...
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Knowledge Evolution, Antwerp

KM, intrapreneurship & entrepreneurship coaching, Knowledge Evolution

From February 2007 to Present
Knowledge Evolution - Incisive Knowledge Convergence - By knowledgEnabler INCISIVE Knowledge CONVERGENCE = crossroads between Knowledge Management, Change Facilitation & Innovation, sustainable disseminated = KM (Explicit + Tacit) + Intelligence with returned value KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT:...
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Econologics, Global-2-Glocal

econologics coach, new socio-economic models

From March 2009 to February 2014
Glocal: macro to micro practical self-study and world-wide knowledge & practice building with other clusters new socio-economic models from the Transition Narrative towards Society3.0 Humane economics (germane progressive economics), human values and ecologically explored resources, maintaining...
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Managing Director


From 2001 to July 2011
Business, Industry & Market Coach - RE-solar, EVmobility & SMARTgrid • ACCELERATing the renewable energy sector in SE-Asia, with focus on Solar Energy to EV and SMARTgrid (EVmobility: Intelligent Green Transportation and Communication Infrastructure) • Collaborative Supply Chain & Marketing Mix...
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BKR/IVECO, Antwerp

Sciences Economiques Financières, BKR/IVECO

From 1979 to 1983
CPA enregistre, Belgique – 1983 Indentier Audit Externe


  • Appreciative Inquiry (Ai)
  • Change Facilitation (CF)
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Collaborative Supply Chain Management
  • Community management
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Econological Lattice Circles (TEAL)
  • econologics
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  • Architectural design
  • Arts
  • Culture
  • creativity
  • design
  • eco-tourism
  • family
  • hiking
  • horse riding
  • skiing
  • yachting