Thomas Léauté

Thomas Léauté

Consultant at Dassault Systèmes

Développe son réseau professionnel

En poste chez Dassault Systemes

Précédents : EPFL Artificial Intellgence Lab, European Space Agency, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, Centro Meteorológico Territorial en Canarias Occidentales


Précédents : Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, Ecole Centrale De Paris, Classe Préparartoire Louis Le Grand



Research Assistant

Chez EPFL Artificial Intellgence Lab

De octobre 2006 à mars 2012
In my PhD research on Distributed Constraint Optimization (DCOP), I have focused on two issues: - Protecting agents' privacy, through the use of codenames, obfuscation and/or encryption; - Reasoning about uncertainty, and exploiting common dependencies on sources of uncertainty to produce ...
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Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland

PhD, Informatique et Systèmes de Communications

De octobre 2006 à novembre 2011
My PhD thesis is in the field of Distributed Constraint Optimisation in the Artificial Intelligence Lab (LIA), under the supervision of Prof. Boi Faltings. I have focused on the topic of multi-agent decision making with privacy guarantees, and under uncertainty. Activities and Societies: First aid ...
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Young Graduate Trainee

Chez European Space Agency

De août 2005 à juillet 2006
The goal of the OPS-HSC team is to identify existing software technologies such as automated Planning and Scheduling, Artificial Neural Networks or Fuzzy Logic, and infuse them into the day-to-day ESA activities in order to facilitate spacecraft operations. This “infusion” is done following a spiral ...
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Research Assistant

Chez MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab

De janvier 2004 à juillet 2005
Research in the MERS group focuses mainly on three areas: model-based programming of fault-aware systems, coaching robotic networks through model-based programming, and hybrid model-based adaptive systems, with applications ranging from planetary exploration rovers to biped robots, to the automobile ...
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Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, Cambridge

Master of Science, Computer Science

De septembre 2003 à juillet 2005
Relevant courses: Cognitive Robotics, Principles of Autonomy and Decision Making, Mathematical Programming, Theory of Computation, Satellite Engineering, Astrodynamics Projects: • I carried out a group project aiming to robustly control the motion of an ATRV rover through continuous diagnosis of ...
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Ecole Centrale De Paris, Chatenay Malabry

Ingénieur, Ecole Centrale De Paris

De septembre 2001 à juillet 2003
Sample courses: Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics, Chemistry, Information Systems, Computer Science, Signal Processing, Electronics, Economics… Projects: • I lead the software effort in an autonomous model sailing boat project (the software was written in C) • I participated in a system-level ...
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Intern Programmer

Chez Centro Meteorológico Territorial en Canarias Occidentales

De juin 2002 à juillet 2002
The Territorial Meteorological Centre in Western Canaries delivers weather predictions for the four Western Canary Islands of Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. As an intern programmer, I worked on a project aiming to upgrade the weather prediction software in use at the Centre to a more ...
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