Pierre Van der Steichel

Pierre Van der Steichel

Ingénieur, Manager, S3 Management & Consulting

En poste chez S3 Management & Consulting

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    I am fascinated and engaged by the management of multiple disciplines at work in a dynamic and expansive company that ensure a fluid harmony of interactions among marketing, sales, product development and organization. Because of this interest I have been drawn to applying practical systems and empirical knowledge to these multiple facets to keep them going in a common direction that fully answers the customer’s expectations. I have been able to respond well in such situations by rapidly assimilating and mastering new business processes and understanding complex organizational structures in addition to new technologies. I pride myself on being able to analyze and assess a situation in a relatively short period of time, and then take the proper prescriptive action in cohesion with my team. I rise to challenges out of the routine applying creativity and vision to build well-oiled organizations that last, not unchanging but armed to face the ever changing world. I am a strong believer in continuous improvement to products, processes and practices. To me, balance, mutual respect, understanding and trust between the different aspects of a business are crucial components in running an efficient operation able to get ahead of the pack. I was fortunate to repeatedly see teams come together to that end. I have a passion for translating practical strategy into operational reality in a time-conscious approach that combines work in depth with cross-disciplinary work in breath applying a natural balance between analysis and synthesis. After proving of the feasibility of the objectives, I work hard and always deliver productivity, revenues, and profitability. The request I like to receive best is “Make it happen” and I do. Contact me on steichel@saudades.be



Ingénieur, Manager

Chez S3 Management & Consulting

Built from startup, this boutique technical and organizational consulting firm provides a variety of services including general management, market and product strategy, sales consulting, project management, business analysis, business development and strategy, b2b marketing, software development, ...
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Vice President Professional Services

Chez Kronos

De 2007 à 2009
Recruited by Captor NV two months prior to its acquisition by USA company Kronos Corporation, to turn-around project implementations and support services for this Workforce Management software and hardware provider overseeing 5M Euro P&L center, 4 teams in 3 countries and a headcount of 45. Drove ...
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Engineering Electronics Automation, HOGESCHOOL GENT

De 1980 à 1983


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