Patrice Serange

Patrice Serange


Opportunités de carrières à l'international!

En poste chez NALYS

Précédents : ALTEN benelux, Bruxelles (belgique), ALTEN benelux, ALTEN Technologies, Boulogne (France), NACLS (ARGOS), filiale du CNES à Washington DC (USA)


Précédents : Ecole Centrale, Institut National Des Sciences Appliquées


    En résumé

    NALYS has started as a consulting company specialized on North European markets. We are now evolving in different countries and developing a new kind of project approach, delivering results-based / team managed services. We are therefore recruiting Experts and Senior project managers constantly to join our technical department and take a part in the company technical management! Our main divisions at this point are: * Biotechnologies and Pharmaceutical * Product development (Software, Electronics and mechanical engineering) NEW April 2014! We are hiring for our head office in brussels: * A Young CFO: responsibilities include FInance, Legal, Payroll management. Management of a Small team (3 to 5 people the first year) Management of start-up affiliates in several countries * A Business profiles recruiter: in charge of recruitment of Business profiles at all seniority. NEW April 2014! We are hiring senior Project managers / People managers for internal positions in our technical department, with background in the following industry/technology: * Biotechnology * Software UPDATE April 2014: We are still hiring several Specialists consultants for the following positions. You will become the company reference for the following positions within the Group: - (Biotechnologies) QUALITY ASSURANCE, QUALIFICATION-VALIDATION, ENGINEERING - (Software) EMBEDDED for Automotive, EMBEDDED for telecom and network UPDATE April 2014: We are still looking for people to join our BIOTECH activities in SWITZERLAND: * Senior Business Manager * Business Development Engineers * Lead Senior Consultants in: - RA - QA - Qualification / Validation - Engineering




De janvier 2011 à aujourd'hui
NALYS is a Consulting company dedicated to high-technology projects. Through 4 business lines, we deliver performance and added value by intensively investing in our people. NALYS consultants are passionate professionals who are always looking to improve themselves and their organization, ...
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Chez ALTEN benelux, Bruxelles (belgique)

De 2003 à décembre 2010
Société de conseil en Technologie, filiale à 100% du groupe ALTEN Technologies (Boulogne) - Management de la société - Developpement commercial des services conseil et Assistance Technique Données 2003 = 35 personnes Données 2010 = 240 personnes Gazelles 2004-2010 de la région ...
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Business manager

Chez ALTEN benelux

De 2000 à 2003
Developpement en propre de l'activité commerciale depuis la création de la société en Belgique (Janvier 2000). Evolution progressive vers le management d'une équipe de Juniors .

Ingénieur d'affaires

Chez ALTEN Technologies, Boulogne (France)

De 1999 à 2000

Ingénieur Support technique

Chez NACLS (ARGOS), filiale du CNES à Washington DC (USA)

De 1997 à 1999
Washington DC , USA CLS est l'opérateur du système ARGOS , système de tracking par satellite. Au sein de NaCLS (North America CLS) , mon role était d'apporter tout soutien aux ingénieurs d'affaires en charge de la vente des systèmes de tracking pour l'industrie (description confidentielle) . ...
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Ecole Centrale, Chatenay Malabry

Mastère Management de la technologie et Génie Industriel, Ecole Centrale de Paris

De 1996 à 1997