Michel Brasseur

Michel Brasseur

Regional F&A Operations Manager - Continental Europe, CHARTIS

En poste chez CHARTIS



Précédents : ICHEC ( Institut Cathol. Hautes Etudes Commerciales )


    En résumé

    Having worked in several national and international environments, my carreer really started 20 years ago within Chartis Inc. [AIG Company] where I have been given several F&A leadership roles. The CHARTIS company has also allowed me to develop a brand new function that has been quickly considered as critical to the organization and which is now European and Worldwide recognized. In a few words, the European F&A structure I have setup make sure: • The F&A strategy is supported by appropriate systems and procedures • There is sustainable resolution of all F&A operations and systems problems • Country F&A work with stable systems and effective workflows • F&A requirements are well understood and considered in all projects with operational/system impact for F&A • The voice of Finance in fairly represented in project groups and decision committees • There is effective interaction with RTC and FSMG to ensure data integrity My team - which is a "Center of Excellence" is the liaison between the accounting world and the IT world, because they can speak both languages. It has performed a critical function over the last years to greatly improve data accuracy, better represent F&A requirements in IT projects, and improve process efficiencies in F&A. Moreover It has taken over a great deal of the nitty-gritty work that every local controller was doing because of all the data issues we were having in the past. Always looking at new challenges, that's my priority.


Candidat Assistant Gérant


De novembre 1988 à mars 1989


  • Comptabilité
  • Credit management
  • Systèmes Critiques

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