Christophe Chatillon

Christophe Chatillon

Founder & Technology Evangelist, Tapptic

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    My golf teacher always says that this game is an alchemy of technique, rythm and mental. I believe this can also be applied to business, and especially in the field of IT / new technologies. A good team and a good technology, the capacity to deliver at the right time, while keeping the faith during the downs of every start-up life... Amazed by the Internet, initially on the web in 1995 and on the mobile screen today, I am an experienced Internet entrepreneur sharing my time between Paris & Brussels. I have created several successful companies in B2B and B2C sectors. I have co-founded Wcube, one of the leading French Web Agencies sold in 2000 to the European leader Framfab and now part of the Publicis group. I have co-founded Clipping in 2001, a PR agency based in Paris. In 2003 I have created Leo & Wolf, the first Mobile Agency in Belgium. I have sold my shares 3 years later to my partners in order to create Kiboo, one of the leading mobile content provider in Belgium. At Kiboo, we have worked for 3 years on Moblr, the first free content based mobile social network. We then launched BuddyMob, an innovative mobile social software allowing instant communications and micro-blogging updates on different platforms, including Google Android and Apple iPhone. I am currently developing Tapptic, a leading mobile agency in France and Belgium, focusing on mobile, tablets and connected TV applications. I view the next years as a great opportunity for this industry.



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