Céline Martin

Céline Martin

Junior Consultant, NALYS

Précédents : Université De Montréal, CPE Lyon, Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Chimie De Rennes (ENSCR), Lycée La Coliniere


Postgraduate Masters in medicinal chemistry

Chez Novartis

De janvier 2012 à juin 2012
Syntheses of inhibitors of the protein Kalikrein 7.

Internship in medicinal chemistry

Chez Novartis

De juin 2011 à novembre 2011
Syntheses of kinase inhibitors with anti-inflammatory properties.

Université De Montréal, Montréal


De septembre 2010 à avril 2011
Exchange with the University of Montreal for two semesters. Main subjects: - Organic chemistry; - Analytical chemistry; - Pharmacology; - Drug development; - Bio-organic chemistry; - Drug, chemistry and manufacturing; - English.

CPE Lyon, Villeurbanne

Ingénieur chimiste

De 2007 à 2011
Master's Degree in chemistry Main subjects: - Organic and organometallic chemistry; - Analytical sciences; - Process engineering; - Management and communication; - Foreign languages.

Co-operator in organic chemistry

Chez Infinity Pharmaceuticals

De juillet 2009 à juin 2010
I worked in the Pharmaceutical Development group in CMC (Chemical Manufacturing and Control). My projects were: - Syntheses of drugs for the Hsp90 inhibition: total syntheses of two compounds; - Identification of impurities in a Hedgehog pathway inhibitor: research into the impurities produced by ...
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Internship as Operator

Chez LU France

De juillet 2008 à août 2008
I worked for LU (French biscuit factory belonging to Kraft Foods) for seven weeks and was involved in 4 small projects: · Operator tasks on production line: control of packaging machines ; · Creation of documents for operators in production: updating of orders, stock room plan, system of control for ...
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Lycée La Coliniere, Nantes

Scientific Baccalauréat, Lycée la Coliniere

De 2002 à 2005
French scientific baccalauréat equivalent to A-level in math, physics and chemistry. Passed with distinction.

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