Do away with using offline spreadsheets for Budget planning

dimanche 30 août 2015
Philippe Cornette
IT Security Advisor @ #e-invoicing #e-payment, Teal IT
Rixensart, Belgique
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Your budget process is probably gated with authorizations, but is it transparent? If there were changes, make sure there's a tracking of why the changes were made, including all the needed approvals behind the changes. Take the time to perform an audit to ensure that the changes stay within the guidelines of the strategic plan.

As the budget season approaches, this is the time to change budget planning culture. This is the opportunity to do away with using offline spreadsheets. Do away with offline planning. Synchronize your planning across the organization in one dashboard with a gated process for clear tracking and authorization. Use a uniform process for planning annual and multi-year budgets, enforcing accountability and business logic. Ensure you have all the relevant information across the organization in one dashboard view. Finally, obtain analytical tools with “what-if simulations to quickly see the implications of unplanned changes across the entire organization.

You may still have to begin your planning process months before to get everyone on board, but at least you know you'll have a controlled, streamlined process. And if control isn’t your number one priority in your budget and annual planning process, then becoming the backbone of your company’s strategic plan or major business transformation just may be.

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