Luc Uytterhoeven

Luc Uytterhoeven

Director Program and Project Management, Seachange International

Herentals, Belgium

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His background

  • Today
    November 2013

    Director Program and Project Management

    Seachange International

    Ranked among the top 250 software companies in the world, SeaChange International (NASDAQ: SEAC) enables transformative multi-screen video services through an open, cloud-based, intelligent software platform trusted by cable, IPTV and mobile operators globally. Personalized and fully monetized video experiences anytime on any device, in the home and everywhere, are the product of the Company’s superior video platform, advertising and in-home offerings.

    SeaChange’s hundreds of customers are many of the world’s most powerful media brands including all major cable operators in the Americas and Europe, and the largest telecom companies in the world.
  • Today
    October 2013
    April 2011

    Program Manager Ubiquity Multiscreen TV

    1000 - 4999 employees

    The Ubiquity Multiscreen TV programs integrate best-of-breed components from the TV head-end to the setopbox, including a scalable and feature-rich multiscreen middleware back-end, and open and fast clients for setopboxes and PC's.
    As program manager responsible for the delivery of the total solution program containing different projects and including the management of partner products within an international context.
  • Today
    October 2013
    April 2010

    R&D Manager

    1000 - 4999 employees

    Responsible for the correct, in time and within the agreed budget realization of R&D delivery programs.
    - yearly setup of the business plan and related strategy.
    - execution of the agreed business plan via recruitment, R&D service portfolio adaptation and via supporting the the account managers.
    - management of the R&D unit in terms of resources, costs and project allocations.
    - external representation of R&D services.
  • Today
    March 2010
    January 2009

    Solution Manager Telecom & Media

    Devoteam Telecom & Media

    Strategic input support to develop and maintain state of the art solutions portfolio for Telecom & Media.
    Control and guide complex projects to delivery qualitative solutions within expect timing.
    Advisory role with customer relations related to the development of value-added solutions.
    Opportunity scanning van market evolution monitoring.

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His hobbies

Media & industry companies interested in connecting there business to interactive Digital TV platforms and application technologies related to that.

About him

Passionate in several management roles with experiences in resource management, project management, solution management and business unit management.

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