Charles Fernet

Consultant en Logistique et Gestion de Projets

Brussels, Belgium
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His background

  • Today
    December 2012

    Consultant en Logistique /Coordinateur de Projet oppérationnel

    101-300 employees

    Airbus A350; Planification de la production des produits métalliques sur ce nouveau projet, suivis des objectifs de montés en cadence (2x par an), Gestion et planification des changement de configurations (>50 % par an), coordination avec le site de Lummen spécialisé dans la fabrication de composants composites à haute performance et Responsable de la mise à disposition des piéces chez le client final Airbus Final Assembly Line (Toulouse).
    Dassault Falcon 5X; Coordinateur Logistique
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    June 2012
    June 2011

    Production Control & Logistics Coordinator

    +10,000 employees

    Set-up Faurecia Core Procedures:
    • Reorganised sections of the Small-train
    - Stock reduction in production
    - Physical relocation of stock for PSA’s products
    - Organisation of the monoliths’ stock into flat storage
    • Inbound and outbound’s flows cartography for Faurecia Augsburg, UK and Holland.
    • Designed the flows’ cartography of various production cells
    • Created the milk run from Navarra (Spain) to Beaulieu (France) and Augsburg (Germany)
    • Packing
    - Organised new packing from the supplier for Land Rover and Jaguar’s production cells
    • KanBan
    - Created a double KanBan loop between the high storage and the supermarket; and the supermarket and the production cells
    • Manifest for five suppliers
    Organised the relocation of the production for Peugeot from Faurecia Augsburg to Faurecia Beaulieu.
    Modified and updated the Supplier Master Data for the SAP’s newest version (Incoterms, Packing Data, Consignment data, etc).
    Daily customer relationship.
    Risks management of the logistic chain with international suppliers in Italy, Hungary, France and India.
  • , Metz


    Mastère Spécialisé MS Management de Projets Industriels et Logistiques
    Logistique - Compétences acquises, disciplines abordées, activités annexes.
  • Today
    October 2010

    Performance Improvement Manager

    Runbow Logistics

    Created a logistics’ platform of 1.000 m2 and a second one of 3.000 m2, both for Adidas China.
    • Conceptualised the logistics, financial and information flows;
    • Designed the platform;
    • Continuous follow-ups of the platforms to continue with improvements
    Internal Audits and continuous improvement of the Adidas’ and Akzo Nobel’s warehouses.
    Trained the local personnel in the techniques of Supply Chain.
  • Auditeur Logistique Junior
  • Université Angers

    Master Management International
    IUP Sciences de gestion - Finances et Gontrol de Gestion
  • Today

    Logistician in supply chain management


    Optimisation of the picking areas (4000 m2) saving 45% of the area, for an investment of 7K Euros.
    • Replaced the racks, with testing of the new placement
    • Modified and updated the informatics data
    • Rearranged the packing area
    • Implemented the safety and security procedures such as indications of safe zones, and personnel safety (wearing of security shoes, etc)
    • Management of one employee throughout the project.
    Made study for Reverse Logistics including profitability evaluation.
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    Team leader in creation competition’s company


    Creation of organic cosmetics’ company: Created financial plan, developed marketing study, managed project.
  • Today

    Cost Manager specialized in logistics

    +10,000 employees

    Logistics process renovation, and update of sub-contractor contracts.
    Managed costs and supply chain.
  • Université Galatasaray

  • Today

    Supply chain project Manager

    Union Set

    Manager in charge to create a process for the Invoices of the company’s purchases: Defined the goals, established time schedules and risks, executed the project and trained the personal. Followed feedback confirmed that the project was successfully working.
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    Alumni's of the Angers?s University

    Organiser, communicated to professors and students, presented the course in forums
  • Today

    Manager assistant for accountancy and tax system

    AGRA Gestion

    Entered accountant and fiscal data according to the dead lines imposed by the State, thus saved 20% of the total taxes of the company.
  • Today


    Alumni’s of the Burgundy’s University

    Organiser, took responsibility for accountancy.
  • Today


    DUCAA (ijon University Club for Aïkido and Akï-taiso)

  • IUT Dijon, DUT GEA gestion des entreprises et des administrations

    DUT de Gestion des Entreprises et Administrations option Finance-Comptabilité
    Compétences acquises, disciplines abordées, activités annexes.
  • Lycée Gabriel Voisin

    S- Math

His skills

  • Gestion
  • Logistique
  • Supply Chain

His languages

  • French
  • English
  • German

    His hobbies

    Ultralight aircraft Aïkido Horse riding

    His keywords

    Logistics - Supply Chain Management - SCM - Business Administration

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